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2017-E-NEWS NO.07

News Express :

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has released the survey on the performance of chemical industry for May. The value added for chemical industry during May increased by 2.9% compared with last year, but the growth rate dropped by 7.4%. Of the major products manufactured, SR increased by 0.2%, synthetic fiber increased by 0.9%, and rubber tires increased by 4.1%. The value added for chemical industry increased by 4.6% from January to May, but the growth rate dropped by 4.7%. The output of SR reached 2,300,000 units, increasing by 7.9%; synthetic fiber reached 18,890,000 tons, increased by 4.4%; rubber tires reached 394,490,000 tons.

Sales and output of automobiles kept growing in June compared with both last month and last year. Output and sales of automobiles reached 2,167,000 units and 2,172,000 units respectively, increasing by 3.9% and 3.6% compared with the same period of last month, and increasing by 5.4% and 4.5% compared with the same period of last year. From January to June, output and sales of automobiles reached 13,526,000 units and 13,354,000 units respectively, increasing by 4.6% and 3.8% compared with the same period of last year.   

According to the General Administration of Customs of China, NR (including latex) imports for May 2017 reached 230,000 tons, increasing by 17.6% compared with last year; SR (including latex) imports reached 320,000 tons, increasing by 17.7%. NR (including latex) imports from January to June reached 1,250,000 tons, increasing by 23.5% compared with last year; SR (including latex) imports reached 1,650,000 tons, increasing by 31.1% compared with last year. 

The Sino-European international train (Qingdao) has officially started. Local Qingdao rubber products, machinery and equipment, home appliances and other goods can be exported directly through Manzhouli port to Moscow, Russia. Traffic mileage of the train is 7,900 km, and the operating time is about 22 days, saving about 30 days compared with marine transportation.

The production of tires in Shandong Province in China reached 37,673,000 units, decreasing by 1.2% compared with last year. Tire production of Shandong province accounts for 46% of national tire production. The production of radial tires reached 29,588,000 units, decreasing by 2.7% compared with last year, accounting for 51.2% of national radial tires production. The accumulated production of tires from January to April in 2017 reached 144,403,000 units, increasing by 7% compared with last year, it accounts for 47% for national tire production. Among them, accumulated production of all-steel radial tires reached 115,136,000 units, increasing by 7.7% compared with last year; it accounts for 50.1% of national all-steel radial tires production.

Rubber inventory in Qingdao Free Trade Port Zone increased to 278,800 tons in mid-June. NR inventory reached 217,000 tons, and the warehouses are basically full. Fresh stock is difficult to be warehoused due to the slow flow of goods. Up to 18 June, NR inventory increased to 353,000 tons and warehouse receipts increased to 333,000 tons, setting a new record high.

The list of the 500 most valuable brands in China is released in Beijing. DoubleStar Tire has a brand valued at 310.36 billion RMB, ranking 115th on the brand list and the first in the tire industry. Linglong Tire has a brand valued at more than 305.58 billion RMB, ranking 119th on the brand list. Aeolus Tyre has a brand valued at 22.598 billion RMB, ranking 181th. Sailun has a brand value at 21.882 billion RMB, ranking 185th. Warrior has a brand value at 17.964 billion RMB, ranking 208th.